Understanding Colostomy Purpose and Types

A colostomy is a procedure generally performed to stop an infection, overcome a blockage, or prevent further damage to the large intestine. This procedure can be temporary or permanent. Colostomy procedure is done by dissecting the large intestine, then making openings or holes in the abdominal wall to be connected with the lower end of the large intestine that is still functioning. Part of the large intestine will be sewn attached to a hole in the abdominal wall. Dirt inside the large intestine will then come out through the hole, to a bag that is installed on the outside of the hole. This bag can be emptied or thrown away after it is full. Purpose of Colostomy Procedure Colostomy aims to help remove the contents of the digestive tract, in various conditions where the large intestine is damaged due to injury or disease, such as cancer. In colon cancer or colorectal cancer, the part of the intestine that is close to the rectum and affected by the cancer will be removed first, so
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